Welcome we are a small acreage in the Caribou region of British Columbia. Finally realizing a dream I have had since a small girl in love with Appaloosas and Quarter horses. My small herd is young and growing . Our focus is cow- bred horses with beautiful color, intelligent minds, and versatile performance abilities. Suitable for youth and novice riders.

Dunit n Spots Appaloosas and Doodles are striving to produce Beautiful, nice minded, user friendly, all purpose ( with strong Dun factor) Appaloosa you can be proud to own and ride.in a multitude of disiplines .


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Summer 2016

This summer we are busy riding our horses and training our babys!

Come and visit the

B.C. Appaloosa Owners and Breeders

at the Mane Event in Chilliwack

October 23-25, 2015

October 2015

For wonderful fall pictures of our foals visit https://www.facebook.com/dunitnspots

July 2015

Yor Irresistible and her brand new red dun filly


June 2015

Dun Amber Chapagne Colt

June 2015

Brand new colt came into the world aprox. 4 am he looks to be a Amber Dun Champagne, his Dam Miss Fancy Song, is a Amber Dun Champagne, . The little guy is drinking well and mom is a good milker and a great first time mom so he will grow and fill out pretty quick but here is his first pictures only a few hours old


May 2015

It is official CV Lacey Bugs Lena (Bug) is going to live with Suzanna and be her cow pony, (it is like Lacey's second home so it is a good match the Bug will be happy with Suzanna.) We are keeping Lunanic, Laceys 2014 filly by Dunit in Boomtown

May 2015

look who I brought home from Oregon a reg Golden Retriever male puppy (Diesel) he is going to be my future Stud Doggie he is such a love and so smart

Februar 2015

Spring is just around the corner Dunit in Boomtown is hunting for girlfriends:) Stud fee is $500 includes the Chute fee $5.00 per day mare care

Dunit in Boomtown, 5 panel tested negative, APHC< APHCC< and APHA approved nice minded and throws fun colors:))

September 2014

Gloria Mike Dodd and Easters (Purdy Wild Money)

August 2014

Dunit In Boomtown and ShezazippinChinadoll had a beautiful filly!

She is going to live with Ruth Shaw.

July 2014

Boomer and Gloria Mike Dodd


May 2014

Laceys little LunaNic won the 2014 horse of the year foal contest

Thank youf or voting!

We are so happy :)